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Fruit Press:

Small Cider / Frui
Small Cider / Fruit Press
Current Price: £25.00

5.5 Litre Stainles
5.5 Litre Stainless Steel/aluminium Fruit Press By Ferrari Italy
Current Price: £70.00

Large Heavy Duty C
Large Heavy Duty Cider Apple/ Fruit Press, Bosch Fruit Shredder And Equipment.
Current Price: £375.00

Fruit Press Diamet
Fruit Press Diameter 15
Current Price: £119.99

this is an excellent quality grape-, and fruit press manufactured in europe. we produce it in our own factory. we use steel and steamed beech-wood during the producing process. owing to its massive outfit it is totally suitable for pressing grapes, apples, and other berries. each case before the pressing the fruits must be minced or ground with a grinder. this procedure may be implemented with a kitchen food processor or specifically with a grape-, or apple grinder, or simply manually. hard seeded fruits (plums, apricots) must be deseeded before pressing. this press has been developed to be able to press as much liquid from fruits as possible. for this purpose we provide 4 pieces of wooden pressing blocks and 1 crosswise pressing block. together with these instruments the pressing blocks can be pushed as deep as possible down in the basket. by applying this method we can avoid the constant refilling of the basket with fruits. you can find 4 extra pressing blocks provided only with our press! in case of slightly similar but significantly worse quality chinese products there are only 2 pieces of wooden pressing blocks provided. by using only 2 pressing blocks it is not possible to press way down into the basket. it is advised to get information about all available accessories of the product before buying it. you can order components for the products made and traded by us even after buying them. it is advised to think about the quality and expectable endurance of the product before ordering. the pulp bag is included. you can find it in the package. you can also find a detailed manual and a list of components in the package. the press includes a mechanical impulse and a continuous steel spindle. all metal parts are painted with food genuine colour. • weight: ca.6 kg • total height: 46 cm • height of basket: 16 cm • diameter of basket: 13 cm • diameter of basin: 18 cm • main volume: 2 litres • inclusive pulp bag . the press will be sent fully assembled, you don’t need to assemble it. all you have to do is just unpack and it is ready to use. we don’t use harmful material during the manufacturing process. the metal surfaces are treated with food industry paint. no harmful material may get into the fruit-liquid. the used wooden materials are manufactured with up-to-date machines. ...