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New Fruit And Wine
New Fruit And Wine Making Press Pulp Bag Included Cider Juice Crusher 6 Liter
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Pulpmaster Pulp Ma
Pulpmaster Pulp Master Fruit Press Apples Cider Ex Cider Press instructions
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Pulpmaster Pulp Ma
Pulpmaster Pulp Master Fruit Wine Press Apple Cider Home Brew Pulping Juice
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pulpmaster complete with bucket (5 litre) pulp fruit and vegetables - with this nylon and stainless steel electric drill attachment. suitable for fruit juice, wine and cider makers and homebrewers the pulpmaster is a simple but highly effective tool that should be used to pulp any fruit before it goes into a press. in particular slicing apples leaves them too large for pressing, whilst using a blender reduces the pulp too much. the pulpmaster is designed to 'shred' fruit to allow maximum juice extraction. it is used in conjunction with an electric drill (not included) and attaches just like a drill bit. it makes light work of pulping most fruits and is an essential piece of equipment for cider making. due to the nature of the pulpmaster it can be extremely dangerous if not used correctly, therefore we sell as a package with the pulpmaster bucket which fits the lid/guard of the pulpmaster perfectly, and makes using the pulpmaster much easier and safer. for any further information required with regards this product email: tel: glenn 01282 786462 "bru appetite" ~ please note ~ postage quoted is for the uk mainland only powered by ebay turbo ...