Kitchen & Dining Siphon Hose Kitchen Filter Plastic Beerwine Making Tool Home

January 6th, 2019 admin in Filters |

22 X 350ml Belvedere Premium Spirits Bottle With Capsule And A Choice Of Cork

January 6th, 2019 admin in Corks |

350ml belvedere premium spirits bottle is made with the highest quality glass not only is it very attractive it functions perfectly this bottle comes with a choice of a wood top cork or a black bar top stopper and clear heat band to provide the finishing touches perfect for spirits, liquors, sloe gin, oils or anything special. this bottle is extremely elegant and strong with a thick and rustic glass feel. the 350ml belvedere stands out and will impress. unfortunately …

Crown Corker Two Lever Beer Bottle Sealer For Fizzy Carbonated Drinks Home Brew

January 6th, 2019 admin in Corkers |

crown corker two lever beer bottle sealer for fizzy carbonated drinks home brew click images to enlarge description crown corker with two levers   beer bottle sealer   and other fizzy, carbonated drinks  vintage from boots probably from the 1960s when home brewing was a thing boxed thank you for your interest. please order now.   get images that make supersized seem small.tailor your auctions with auctiva’s listing templates! the simple solution for ebay sellers. track page views withauctiva’s free counter

Cork Bungs X3 | Td30mm Bd28mm H31mm

January 6th, 2019 admin in Bungs |

cork bungs x3 | top diameter 30mm, bottom diameter 28mm, height 31mm, new unused

6 Empty Wine Bottles With Screw Top Lids. Wine Making/craft.

January 6th, 2019 admin in Bottles |

ok condition bottles.

Old Cast Iron And Wood Bottle Corking Machine, Suit Pub, Wine Shop / Bar,

January 6th, 2019 admin in Bottle Corking Machines |

a rather old dare i say vintage bottle corking machine which is still in working order and adjustable to suit different size bottles. more or less as found and all i have done is given it a good dusting off and cleaned up and glued any loose joints on the timber frame. i have decided to leave it as you see it in the pictures ( apologies about the quality ) and the new owner can decide to varnish / …

One Way Airlock Exhaust Water Sealed Valve Plastic Cylinder Fermentor Top 2018

January 6th, 2019 admin in Air Locks |

product descriptionone way airlock exhaust water sealed valve plastic cylinder fermentor top 2018 features: lets fermentation gas out and to keeps air from reaching the beer or wine.creates a closed system that allows carbon dioxide out and prevents oxygen and harmful bacteria from getting in.they are standard size airlocks made to fit any home brew stopper, cork, cap, plug, bung, or a grommet with a 3/8″ hole. works great for beer, wine, and shine.durable and easy to clean, safercompact and …

Chardonnay Grape Wine Making Homebrew Starter Kit B To Make 6 Bottles White Wine

January 6th, 2019 admin in White Wine Kits |

menu home about us shipping deals t&cs faqs view feedback homebrew wine making starter kit 6 bottle wine making starter kit b chardonnay white wine fragrant and crisp wines derived from chardonnay are rich and well balanced with wonderful body and finesse and a lingering after taste. sweetness:-dry. oak:-none. includes a beaverdale grape 6 bottle ingredient pack, 2x plastic demijohn, 2x airlock, syphon tubing and 50gm sterilizer. homebrew wine making starter kit 6 bottle wine making starter kit bchardonnay white …

Beaverdale Red Wine Kit Rojo Tinto Home Brewing 30 Bottle 23 Ltrs

January 6th, 2019 admin in Red Wine Kits |

beaverdale wine kitrojo tinto red winethe rioja valley in spain produces excellent red wines. rioja wines contain about a dozen different grapes and age exceptionally well. sweetness:dry oak:light. this is a complete, high quality, pure grape juice, 30 bottle wine making ingredient pack, requiring only water to make.first launched in 1988. the house of beaverdale began producing a pure grape concentrate of such high quality, it would allow people to produce, in their own homes, a range of wines to …

2 X 5 Gram Sachet High Alcohol Tolerance Turbo Yeast Ferments Wine Up To 21% Abv

January 5th, 2019 admin in Yeast |

two 5 gram sachets of high-alcohol tolerance turbo super yeast – dried active yeast for winemaking and brewingferments up to 21% alcohol by volume best before end august 2020dosage: 1 level teaspoon per gallonthis is amazing stuff – it can ferment a liquor up to 21% alcohol within days. i have used it to restart a stuck fermentation and get 20%+ strength within just a few days as well as for fermenting strong country wines.same or next day dispatchplease contact …

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